Clicker – What am i doing wrong?

With the weather being so hot lately and Taffy not having much fast running when he’s out on his walk I decided to give him a bit of clicker training. He has learnt a few tricks before with it. Anyway I decided to get him to learn to pick his toys up and put them in a bucket. He will pick one up & drop it in the bucket. I C&T He picks another up C&T. He will do this for all 6 of the toys.

How do I get him to pick up all 6 of them before he gets his treat? Now if he gets to two of them he sticks his head in the bucket & takes one out & looks at me as though to say "come on mum i’ve put it in the bucket where is my cheese" LOL and I cant get him to pick any more up before he has his treat

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