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Chubby Dogs Meet Weight Loss Challenge

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Portly Dachshunds Josh and Maddie have arrived at Dogs Trust Shoreham weighing a huge 11kg each, leaving them barely able to walk. The not-so-little dogs now have 10kgs to lose between them before they’re able to be rehomed and staff have put them on a strict diet.

The dogs should weigh between five and six kilograms each but an unsuitable diet of large portions in a previous home has seen the dogs pile on the pounds. Josh and Maddie are about to embark on a diet that will see their food intake reduced to little and often with short bursts of exercise throughout the day.

Dogs Trust Shoreham manager Tracey Rae comments:

“Josh and Maddie each carry an extra 5kgs and this puts a lot of pressure on their little legs. Their tummies also drag along the floor which is very sore for them.

They are playful little dogs and it's sad to see them so restricted by their weight, it’s vital that treats are given in moderation to avoid weight gain."

Josh and Maddie will have weekly weigh-ins and be closely monitored by a veterinary team. The dogs will be able to move into a quiet, adult only home once their back to full health and new owners will be advised on an appropriate diet for the duo.

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