Former Chinese Millionaire Spends Fortune Saving China’s Forgotten Dogs

Former Chinese millionaire Wang Yang has spent his fortune made in steel to save more than 2,000 of China’s stray dogs.

News outlet, Sina News revealed that his journey to help abandoned dogs began after his beloved dog went missing in 2012. His search led him to a slaughterhouse where he was granted access to look around and since then, with the memories of what he saw, he felt compelled to help save China’s dogs from the meat trade.

Photo Credit: Sina

The 29 year old Changchun animal lover from Gelong town in the Jilin province once amassed a fortune of several millions but is now in debt due to his efforts to provide sanctuary to dogs in need before finding them loving new homes. According to he used his wealth to purchase the then slaughterhouse and convert. His sanctuary is currently home to more than 200 dogs but has been a place of safety for 1000 before now.

According to the website Mr Yang is worried about the winter ahead saying, “I do not accept monetary donations,” he explained. “I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home from these 200 dogs.”

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