Chewing were wart is

as you may know when i started looking after Poppy she had skin issues were she kept really chewing herself and making herself sore, after sorting out a better diet for her it improved and there was no more chewing.

but she went back to her owner over xmas and was going to stay there but unfortunately her owner has hurt her back so we have Poppy staying with us again. i was a bit disappointed when she came back as she had sores again were she had been chewing so the owner obviously didnt stick to the new diet :(.

her skin has all healed up again now she is back on the food she can have. but this week she has started to chew one particular spot and is making it really sore, i have noticed that at the place that she is chewing is a wart (she has a few of these on her and they havent bothered her before) i am wondering if it is this that is making her chew as she hasnt had anything different to eat lately.

i have phoned a family member of the owner, who takes her to the vets for us if needed and they said they will make an appointment asap, but i havent heard back from them yet.

any ideas of what i could treat it with until she goes to the vets?

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