Charity Warns Over Vet Scam

PDSA alerts veterinary profession over suspicious ‘PetAid’ claim
The UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA, wishes to distance itself from an organisation calling itself ‘VetsPetAid’, which has recently set up a website and launched an appeal to the profession for support.
For many years, PDSA has delivered its charitable veterinary service through a national network of PDSA PetAid hospitals and branches. It also works alongside hundreds of private veterinary practices using the same PetAid branding. These charitable activities have no connection with the so-called ‘VetsPetAid’ organisation.
“’VetsPetAid’ are in no way connected to PDSA,” said PDSA Director of Veterinary Services, Richard Hooker. In recent days, ‘VetsPetAid’ has contacted a number of veterinary practices by fax, purporting to be a ‘non-profit organisation’ and appealing for funding to help owners ‘who cannot afford treatment’.
Initial checks suggest the website domain name was registered in October 2008. No charity exists in the name of ‘VetsPetAid’ and its website […]

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