Cesar Millan in Australia

National Geographic's Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan is going down under. Millan's Australian dog training seminar tour will follow his successful adventures around the world, including his UK tour in 2010. Milan took the opportunity to speak with Australia's Hearald Sun, who report:

Ahead of a national seminar tour, sharing his secrets to "transforming dogs and empowering their owners,'' Cesar Millan took aim at those blaming bad dogs or breeds for attacks and anti-social behaviour.

Having raised his two sons around American pit bulls, the Emmy-nominee said like powerful cars, humans need to "understand and control the power of dogs.''

"It's not the dog, it's the human. We have created breeds with certain power, such as pit bulls and we have to take responsibility for that," he said.

Widespread issues with dangerous dogs is not a "problem with aggression, but a problem with education.''

"There is a reason why it is mandatory for you to take a test to drive a car because of the danger, the power, the responsibility. It should be the same for us to understand and control the power of dogs," he said.

According to Millan, dogs, like people, are facing obesity and anxiety issues like never before – the result of being indulged by their owners.

"They go buy a toy, or some treat to cover up their guilt because they didn't take the dog for a walk, which it needs,'' he said.

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