Car accident-no win no fee?

Who of you has experineced a car accident that wasnt your fault?

This happened to my hubby a week last wednesday.

He was on the A50 dual carriageway. The honest truth is he was behind a car for 4-5 miles in the overtaking lane. This was not pullin over for anything. My hubby flashed him after about 4 miles as there was nothing in the inner lane. Then he peeped him and the guy went slower. So OH frustrated undertook him, remaning in the inner lane until he reached a truck. He indicated to pull into outer lane, noticed the orignal car still in the outer lane but was enough room to pull into outer lane to pass the truck. He made the manuver, passed the truck and as he was thinking of pulling back into the inside lane saw in his mirror the orignal car up his boot and then to his left undertaking him. He flew past his left pulled infront of OH and then braked right infront of him.
My OH was shocked to see the brake lights(nothing infront of the vehicles) braked and swerved left to aviod a collision, back end went out, tried to correct, went into a spin… after at least 3 spins and contat with central reservation a few times he came to a halt in the central barrier.
The other person was also in the central reservation.
Both vehicles rite offs. Road closed, police attended as did ambulances and 2 recovery vehicles.

We are now going thru solictors to sue the ass off this guy. Already he has put a counter claim in that OH caused the accident and made an unsafe manuover sending him into the barriers. Hes claiming injuries and loss of earnings and car rite off etc. I cant believe the lies he has come out with.

Do we stand a chance in court? What do you think?

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