Can People Really Dance With Wolves?

Three of the world’s leading experts on wolf conservation will show how mankind and wolves are successfully co-existing in Europe at a special seminar on 10th May at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Beenham, near Reading.

The wolf experience event is open to the public and includes the opportunity for delegates to meet and spend time with the Trust’s “Ambassador” wolf population The eight socialised wolves at the Beenham Centre are used to human contact.

International wolf biologists, Professor Marco Musiana and Professor Alistair Bath from Canada will join their UK counterpart, Dr Claudio Sillero from Oxford University to talk about their work on wolf and human populations – and reveal how conflict between them can and has been resolved using a mix of traditional and innovative solutions.

Denise Taylor of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust said: “Wolves are definitely making a comeback in Europe and other parts of the world which have seen an increase in wolf populations. In these areas, humans are having to learn to live with this large predator in their midst.”

She added: “The talk will give a fascinating insight into this co-existence against a backdrop at our 12 acre education centre where friendly wolves will be no more than a few feet away from the seminar room itself. Visitors will be able to get close to them and have a great opportunity to take pictures of these very photogenic animals.”

For further information or to book tickets for the seminar contact the UKWCT on 0118 971 3330 or visit the website at

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Can People Really Dance With Wolves?

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