Can anyone reccomend Standard poodle breeders?

As i mentioned in another thread i unfortunately had to have one of my dogs put too sleep a few weeks ago.

I has been a heart breaking time for me and the rest of my family, but we all feel that we would like to add a new member to the family once we are all settled (we are moving at the moment), losing daisy has left a void, and although she could never be replaced the house just feels like there isnt enough dog in it!

We have always owned Standard poodles and feel that we would definately like to stick to the breed which we all know and love this time.

I was wondering if anyone could reccomend some breeders, we wont be in a position to have a dog for the next six months but as many breeders have waiting lists i would like to get the ball rolling.

Our other two standards were from vanitonia, but we dont feel that we would go to this breeder again.

We have no preferences for colour or sex, but i do undertake a lot of training with my dogs and would love to get into competitive obedience with my next one.

It is important to me that the puppy is well socialised before it comes home.

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