Can anyone elses dog beat this

Have I just got a freak of a dog or what.

Clio goes on her evening walk between 5.30 and 6.30 for about 45 mins to an hour depending if we are off or on lead.

She then comes home, has her tea and generally just plays and potters for the rest of the evening.

We go to bed around 10 ish most nights and she gets let out in the garden for about 15 mins to have a last wee.

This is the problem, becuase she has stopped having a wee last thing. I can tell if she has done one as the back is paved and it leaves a wet mark obviously 🙂

I then get up at 6.45 am and take her out again.

She will have been holding onto a wee from about 6.30-7.30pm until the following morning some nights. Nearly 12 hours.

Is she a freak or what

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