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Calling All Cavalier Owners: Your Breed Needs You!

Cavalier Owners Required for Health Information and DNA
Written and prepared by Carol Fowler
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed suffers from two major inherited diseases: Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) and Chiari-like Malformation/Syringomyelia (CM/SM)

These two diseases are threatening the Cavalier breed. Research indicates that 50% of Cavaliers develop a heart murmur by the age of five years and many die prematurely. Almost all Cavaliers have the Chiari-like malformation (CM) and research suggests at least 30% also have Syringomyelia (SM). SM is a condition where pockets of fluid collect in the spinal cord and can cause chronic and sometimes severe pain as well as other neurological disabilities.
Major research projects are now under way to help the Cavalier breed and enable breeders to breed healthy dogs. For example, Syringomyelia DNA Research (Dr Clare Rusbridge), and Optimisation Research (Dr Sarah Blott). The success of this research depends on Cavalier breeders [...]

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