Call For Evidence to Settle Controversial ‘Shock’ Collar Debate

Review of the use of electric pulse training aids in companion animals

The Companion Animal Welfare Council (CAWC) has issued a call for evidence relating to the use of electric pulse training aids, or ‘shock collars’, in companion animals.

The CAWC is aiming to produce an independent report on the implications of the use of these electronic training aids.

Professor Daniel Mills, a Council Member of the CAWC and Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Lincoln, said: “This review considers devices designed for use in the training of dogs, cats and horses, and any other companion animal species, which involve the application of an electronic current to the skin to aid the training process.”

A working group is seeking specific verifiable information in relation to direct experience of both the use of these devices and alternatives in relation to achieving specific training goals. An online questionnaire has been launched to collate information.

The group wishes to receive reports from individuals regardless of the consequences of their experience so it can identify both the positive and negative attributes of this method of training in practice. Reports must be based on direct experience and not second hand reports. A sample of respondents will be contacted for data verification purposes.

The questionnaire is available on line at and will only take a few minutes to complete. It requests individuals to report on the single most significant experience or context in which they have used a device.

Please note that only one submission per user is allowed. The Group would also like to stress that this call does not seek opinion on the regulation of the devices.

The report will anonymise private sources and individuals providing evidence either directly or indirectly unless permission is gained to the contrary, although specific examples may be cited in an anonymous way.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Call For Evidence to Settle Controversial ‘Shock’ Collar Debate

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