Bruised Tail?


I was walking Sor. just now and noticed his tail was off… He usually holds it high in a loose-sickle shape, but now its just hanging limp, straight down. I’ve felt along it and there doesn’t seem to be any bones broken or protruding out, and I haven’t heard a whine from him. He can still wag his tail, not as enthusiastically but its a full-tail wag, just lower to the ground instead of high and all over the place. But then he stops and turns around to nibble at it in annoyance, so there’s definitely something about it that’s bothering him.

I think it’s a bruise because like I said he can still fully wag it, and when I feel it, it doesn’t seem to be causing him any pain, and I don’t feel any breaks. Has anyone ever had a similar experience?

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