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British Justice and Its Attitude Towards Animal Cruelty

I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to publicly make the link. Too sensitive, too close to the event. I might have thought it but I’ll admit, I’d never have written it. But all credit must be given to The Sun’s Fergus Shanahan because not only has he said it, he’s said it in Britain’s largest read newspaper.
What? What’s he said? I know you’re asking.
Well, writing in response to the (yet again) pathetic sentence handed down to a girl who drowned a the ship’s cat of HMS Belfast, Mr Shanahan had this to say:
The girl of 16 who chucked Kilo into the Thames in London after a drunken night out smirked as Judge Sue Green let her off with a supervision order.
She must also write a personal letter of apology to the crew of HMS Belfast. And that’s about it.
The judge ticked her off but said she did not think [...]

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