British Dog Owners Missing Lifetime Pet Insurance Cover

British dog owners missing out on lifetime pet insurance cover : failing to read smallprint of pet insurance policies –

A recent study by leading dog publication K9 Magazine has revealed that 6 out of every 10 dog owners are unaware whether their dog is actually covered for life by the terms of their pet insurance policy.

The survey, which quizzed 100 dog owners who had purchased pet insurance policies in the past 12-months, asked whether or not they could say for certain that their dog was protected by the insurance for the duration of their natural life.

A staggering 60% admitted that they weren't sure and didn't check the policy smallprint when they purchased the pet insurance product.

K9 Magazine's associate publisher, Charles Vincent, believes this pattern is not unusual:

"With the advent of price comparison shopping sites, more and more people tend to be drawn purely to what they see as a bottom line price on insurance products – be they for their pets, cars, homes or even their own lives. The problems occur when people overlook glaring omissions in the product which can in turn lead to heartache down the line as they find that at the time when their pet is most in need of cover, their policy doesn't cater for it.

K9 Magazine has put together a simple, easy to follow tip sheet on buying lifelong pet insurance and understanding the benefits of lifetime pet insurance cover.

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