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Breed Clubs Have a Responsibility, So Why Are They NOT Promoting Health?

Written by Charlie Stapleton
If anyone looks at the Kennel Club website for a puppy they are advised to look at individual breed clubs for help in receiving the right puppy. This is excellent advice. If only it were true.
You see, I have scanned over 20 breed clubs this week after viewing Pedigree Dogs Exposed and
I am very disappointed that the KC are not policing breed clubs more effectively, after all it’s the KC who approve these clubs.
I have found misleading advice from some rare toy breed sites who say “Their coat is non shedding so should not affect low to mid allergy sufferers. Their most redeeming feature is that they have no known health disorders to date.”, having read extensively on this particular breed I know that is incorrect and very misleading. This group of dogs all suffer a range of disease and illness which is compounded by the very [...]

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