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Breakfast Bars to Help Fat Dogs (Yes, really)

Is your dog a porker?
Would you like to make them trimmer?
Well help is at hand, now there is - just like for the human market - a meal replacement breakfast bar for our canine pals.
The advantages of the bar are,,,,wait.
I can’t do this.
I’m not against product promotion on these pages. In fact, I positively welcome them. But a meal replacement breakfast bar for dogs? Come on. Come on now. Why not just - and here’s the science bit - just not give the dog breakfast at all. Or - getting even more sciency - take what the dog eats on a normal day, reduce it by 15% and feed it in two separate meals during the day and add an extra 15% of exercise in to the mix? Rocket science? I hope not.
Anyway, if you must give your overweight dog a breakfast bar, here’s the blurb (and more fool you!):
There [...]

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