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Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao Hails Canine Training Partner


Ex-WBO welterweight champion and widely recongised as one of the best pound for pound fighters in history Manny Pacquiao has paid credit to his four-legged training partner for his incredible fitness.

The Filipino fighter has cited his dog, Pacman, as his most prized conditioning coach.

So fit is his running partner, Pacquiao's own trainer Freddy Roach proclaimed in a Wall St Journal interview that 'nobody' could beat him in the fitness stakes.

The Jack Russell terrier was given to Manny by his assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez.

Pacquiao sung the dog's praises:

“He's part of my team. He is a special dog.”

Pacman helps Pacquiao with his runs and keeps him motivated when conditioning himself for bouts. Joining the Pacquiao fitness team in 2008, the fighter has gone on to achieve legendary status in his sport, losing only one - highly controversial - fight in that period.

Pacman runs with his dedicated owner on tracks and mountain trails.

Nice to see a sportsman harnessing the true power and dedication of a dog for good. Take note Michael Vick.

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