Booking the holiday..

Oh yes..
Im trying to book a holiday with dogs!
Its not an easy task, I have to find somewhere we humans like, somewhere the dogs like, and somewhere that will like us..

eg; I dont like appartments or hoilday parks, OH wont go near a caravan, niether of us are social mixing types so …a nice private house in a field on our own..
The dogs want somewhere they can run, bark, play and maybe for Oscar and Remy a bit of swimming,, oh and not too hot for them but nice and warm for us..

Ive been using a dog friendly company to help search but taking 3 dogs is proving a problem.. most places will take 2 but 3 is pushing our luck..
weve been turned down by two house owners already and now Im just waiting for the answer from number 3..

I really want this holiday, the last time we went away on a proper holiday was 2002!
Keep your fingers crossed for me..

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