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Blaming the Breed

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Hi everyone. I just wondered what other people thought when dog owners blame their dog’s breed for why it doesn’t behave well? We often hear this out on our walks and I admit to finding it annoying and a cop-out!

Yesterday on our walk we were followed for quite some way by a Westie. The owner kept calling it but the dog was totally ignoring it-I think it wanted to join our "pack"! My husband (a non-doggy person until recently!) tried to give him some helpful hints about recall but the owner said "Oh no it is because it is a terrier!! I then replied "but my 2 are terriers" and he came back with "Mine’s a Westie" I then said (truthfully) that my family had previously had Westies and they were quite trainable. he then ran out of excuses and walked off!

We have had another owner we see regularly on the Heath with a Border terrier who wouldn’t come back say "That’s because he is a Border terrier-they don’t come back when they are called" (?!).

I was also on the receiving end of this as trainers at our club told me that was the reason Chery was reactive to other dogs-because of her breed, completely ignoring the fact that the other dog we had of the same breed was not reactive at all! However, if I had only had Cherry I would probably have believed this to be true and certainly would have been put off having another Kerry Blue.

At the training class (agility) we went to until recently the instructor let off leash a very reactive Beagle she was working and it went straight for Cherry (but met with my foot first as she didn’t give me time for any other action)-she then told me this was "breed specific behaviour"! I found out afterwards she is a Cesar Milan "disciple" so I am surpised she said this as I think he says "Dog then breed".

What do other peole think? I know that the type of breed you have will determine its behaviour in some ways but I think it is being used to excuse lack of training?

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