Bladder infection maybe?

Yesterday, Chloe had an accident inside, but it wasn’t far from the back door and I assumed she’d wanted to go out and I’d missed her (always very subtle) signal, so I dismissed it. Then earlier today I came across a wet patch on the landing, and then after greeting a visitor earlier she just squatted in the hall (it wasn’t a submissive posture) and peed.

Other than the above, she seems fine. She is eating normally (though she threw up this morning after eating too much of a low quality treat my Mom gave her for Christmas), acted perfectly normally on her walk, and doesn’t seem to be drinking more than normal.

FYI, she’s just finished her season (in the last couple of days), and is 12 months old, and has no pre-existing conditions.

Do I have to find an e-vet on Boxing day, or is this a wait and see and treat at home first, or what?

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