Big problems at home which i think may be affecting the dogs, advice needed please

Hi, sorry this is my first post in while and its a long one but i am pretty desperate.

I have three dogs, one lurcher, two standard poodles, the three have been living together for a year, no particular problems, there was one fight initially where my standard poodle caught me in the separation but nothing which showed particular cause for concern.

recently the house is in extreme upset because my dad announced that he was leaving and moved out the next day, this has left me my mum and sister unable to pay the mortgage so the house has been sold, this has obviously caused upset for the dogs also.

We believe this may be a factor in the fact that on saturday my lurcher bitch and standard poodle bitch had a really big fight, not just noise, it was a bit of a blood bath, i was not there but both dogs were torn up badly, and my sisters boyfriend was given a very nasty bite by my lurcher.

these are two dogs which hav never shown any form of dog or people aggression before this time, both dogs ordinarily sleep in the same bed, all three dogs normally get on like a house on fire.

the dogs have not been reintroduced since the incident, i tried to do it when i came home from work that night and their was another fight which was extremely difficult to separate, despite throwing water on the dogs, throwing kitchen appliances everything to hand, in the end i had to separate them by kicking my lurcher out of the kitchen door.

unfortunately i was goin on holiday on the sunday and have only just come home.

i dont know what to do next, i dont think i will ever be able to trust them together again, and people have told me that my lurcher should be put to sleep for biting a human no matter what the circumstances. this dog is my life

i will do anything it takes to try and sort this out however we are going to be homeless in four weeks time essentially. i really dont know what to do

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