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big problem with poo training…Help needed

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Having read endless articles and advice on potty training, my puppy is not getting the idea at all. She is a 7 month Maltese Bichon puppy. I’ve had her since 2 months. Weight 2.7 kilos. We live in a house with a medium-size garden. I take her outside at intervals so she can do her things in the garden, and praise her effusively when she performs. But if she needs to go while inside, she’ll just do it where I can’t see her. She cannot last the night. I put down newspaper, one for pee and one for poo. She’ll do pee on the paper, which is ok, at least she knows what its for. But the poo is a real problem. I let her out for the last pee and poo at around 11 or 12 at night. Even if she does poo, by the time I come down in the morning, there are 4, or 5, or 6 “fingers” of poo on the floor…maybe one on the paper and the rest all around. How does something so small have room for so much poo!!!???

Everything I’ve read says dogs will poo half an hour after eating. That would be fantastic!! Tsuki poos HOURS after eating…and then some more. She eats 100g of dry food a day, split into two feeds…one around 9 am and the other around 5 pm. Some hours after the first feed, she’ll do poo. With the last-thing-at-night outing she’ll sometimes, not always, do poo again. And possibly she’ll do at other times during the day, outside, that I don’t see. But however much she does or doesn’t, its as if she saves it up for doing overnight, because EVERY morning I come down and there’s a considerable amount of it on the floor.

I’ve considered changing her eating habits, and giving her the 100g in the morning only. That way, in theory, she should be all poo’d out by the night. I don’t know if she’ll eat it all at one sitting, or whether she’ll be satisfied with one feed during the whole day. From what I read, puppies should eat twice a day.

Any advice on how to help her to get her act together, know where its supposed to be done, not do it overnight, or even “ask” me to let her out (my other dog “asks” by going over to the terrace door and sitting there till I let him out) would be greatly appreciated.

While on the subject of where to do it, although obviously I’d be more than delighted just with her doing it outside, from the point of view of aesthetics and smell, if both the dogs could be encouraged to it anywhere in the garden other than in the middle of the lawn, that would be even better. How would I achieve this….??

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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