Benny defies the laws of science!!!

Well… yesterday I got in Sisky and Benny’s cambridge blood results, TLi, folate, cobalin etc… Sisky’s were all same old same old, no measurable TLi, folate normal, cobalin down… then the vet said, we have a bit of an anomilay here!!!

Benny…. "Folate fine, cobalin fine, but his TLi just wasn’t what I expected! " I sat waiting for the inevitable, he’s spiraled down to the same as Sisky, below the measurable limits… 6 months a go he was 2, a year ago 2.2…. this time he was…. 3!!! It’s been verified, his levels have gone up!!! It shouldn’t happen, but it has πŸ™‚

The only explanation we can come up with is that when we put him on the Baytril, to kill the e coli and chlostridium perfringens, there’s been some kind of underlying condition that’s been in his system probably rummbling along for years that’s been sorted out. The Synulox had been containing it, but not killing it… that’s purely speculation on the vet and I’s part…. We’re both just happy he’s doing better, he’s had a bit of a change in personality too, over the last couple of weeks, he’s more confident, happier, wants to play more etc, and weirdly more mentally alert, he’ learning some basic tricks.

I’m under no illusion he’s cured, but at the mo, he’s doing better, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me πŸ™‚

AND…. he’s officially not an EPI dog any more, under 2.5 is an EPI’er. over 5 is healthy, inbetween is indeterminate… so he’s indeterminate of EPI at the mo hehehehehe

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