being more interesting never gets boring to dogs

I stopped taking pepper to training classes each week last year because she and I were bored with doing the same thing over and over again, and she was starting to struggle with the formal instant downs required at the end of the night due to her joint stiffness – it was supposed to be a fun thing at the end of the night to see who would be sweeping the floor, in the past she would be first down and we would be out of the sweeping, but as she got older she would still be starting to go down straight away, but would take longer to get there (quite often taking longer than dogs who were still thinking about it) and I wasnt happy making her or even expecting her to quicken up at her age.

I kept going with her training and often practice for routine moves during the time since, doing about ten to fifteen minutes on and off our walks doing some form of training and she has been muddling along just fine. But she has not been doing as well on whistle commands – she wont come back but she does stop doing or going to wherever or whatever I whistled for. And before you have a go, she is always in a secure place and prob picks up on my body language that its no big deal if she doesnt come back straight away.

Since doing more training for moves we have a better connection generally, but now that I have three new moves to teach – which are fun and different she is more interested in me.

Twice now she has returned straight away to me at speed on the whistle – I havent re-trained her to the whistle, it is purely because I was more fun to be with. But the really great part was she on both occasions returned to me from an owner with their dog and A TOY :party: – and not just any toy, a chucker with ball, her second fav type.

Big deal you may think, well at the moment I have no toys with me, so I am more boring than the owners who have got toys. I cant have toys for her as it is just too hot for her to run about after them so I am using treats and training as the alternative. For pepper who is very foody, she is more playful so it really is a big deal.

And not forgetting that she is a very sociable girl, I allow her to say hello to the dogs and owners – she knows them and I know them, they know us, then she comes back to me and wants to spend time with me. In the past when I first had her, she was very into saying hello, and would do a tour of the park before coming reluctantly back to me and our toy – this was several years ago. Hard work and consitancy does really pay off, all these years later, she is still her – not perfect, still saying hello, but coming back and most importantly listening to me, and wanting to come back to me.

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