Behaviour issues and castration

Polo is at that great age of 15 months. :001_unsure:

I am still working through his recall issues and attempting to put lots of energy and enthusiasm into keeping his focus on me.

Anway despite having many doggy friends and lots of opportunities to socialise with other dogs I ‘lose’ him at about 20 foot from another dog. His focus turns away from me and he just has to see that other dog.

During a recent training class I was on the floor and one other person training their dog and he suddenly left me mid exercise and went over to this pretty labrador bitch that was working. My instructor remarked on his posture and his behaviour being sexually driven.

Another incident happened at training last night. Polo was on-lead sitting by me and a young male collie made eye contact with him and he kicked-off. The young collie was a few seats along, not close to me. I have discussed Polo’s on-lead behaviour with my instructor before but this was the first time she had seen the full extent of his aggression and she remarked he was very aggressive and queried if this was how he was when out and again asked if I was getting him castrated later.

My questions are – could any of his aggression issues on-lead be sexual aggression and is there any chance getting him castrated will help with his general fascination with other dogs?

Currently I am having to be ever-vigilant as he attempts to mount pretty much anything with four legs that we meet when out. This has started over the last few months.

I intend to wait until he is at least 18 months before booking his op but am becoming ever concerned with the behaviour mentioned.

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