Been bitten by neighbour’s dog …. what to do

I live on an 8 house cul de sac. Lived here for 25 years and have great relationships with the neighbours. The family at no 3 have a border collie about four years old. It is bloody nuts. It goes mental every time any of the neighbours walk past, with or without dogs. They have given it a rag toy to shake to spare our limbs. They say that out on the field and around the village it is a different dog. Will play and be friendly.

I was waiting at the bus stop earlier on tonight about 50 yards from home. The neighbour walked said collie almost past me …….. then it went effin’ mental and sank its teeth into my back!!

Thank God I had a decent coat on otherwise it would have ripped me to shreds.

Neighbour buggered the dog back home and came out to make sure I was OK.

My dilema …. I have spent £300 with a trainer to sort out my rescue dog’s aggression. She graduated Wednesday! But these people are jeopordising her progress. We can’t walk past no 3 without this bloody dog kicking off and Millie straining to get at it.

Ane the effin’ thing launched itself at me and sank its teeth into me tonight.

Advice, please!

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