Bearded collie incites agressivenes from other dogs

Hi All,

First post so please be nice 😀

We have a 2y old bearded collie, still a little manic and "puppyish" but maturing well. As objectively as i can manage, he is a very stable and well socialised dog with both humans, dogs, animals and other situations. He isn’t too forward, doesn’t get agressive or scared of anything (apart from the hoover and he doesn’t even mind that so much anymore). He has pretty good recall (not perfect but we’re working on it), and perfect sit, down and wait. He is entire as he’s from a very good bloodline, although his parents were working dogs. He was about 3 from top dog in the litter when born. He has no problems with other dogs coming into the house, and only very very occasionally will show dominance when the other dog starts to get dominant.

Now to me i’m very pleased with how his training is progressing, but there is one thing that i just can’t resolve.

We have a lot of open woods behind us, which is very very popular with other dogs, and we will always see 4-5 other dogs (that is if barney isn’t chasing the deer at top speed for hours on end lol ). Normally everything is great, they all just chase each other. Occasionally, maybe once a fortnight, and without warning another dog will just turn on him and go for him- Barney usually just ignores them, and turns away, but very occasionally he will bite back and they will properly fight. Because he was working stock, he hasn’t been pampered, and so fights properly and will properly go for the other dog and put it on the ground (seeing him do it to a bullmastiff was amusing though). BUT i don’t like. Just for clarity, he is NEVER the first dog to start growling and has to be seriously provoked (normally when the other dog has his ear or something) to fight back.

I cannot see an obvious trigger for this- it only happens with other male dogs, and only when they are very close to each other- not on approach.

can anyone offer any advice.

Hopefully i have given enough information!

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