Barking when Camping

Hi all,

Haven’t been on here for a while which is a good sign! We took Alfie (now 2) camping with us last weekend. The last time we took him was a complete disaster and I ended up patrolling the New Forest at 2 in the morning with a puppy that didn’t want to sleep! Am pleased to say that we tried it again, put a crate in one of the tents bedrooms and Alfie slept all 3 nights despite the constant wee interruptions from the children!

My problem is his barking during the day. He’s not a ‘barky’ dog and only barks at home if he hears unfamiliar noises. Of course, camping all noises are unfamiliar! Took him out for lots of long long walks but anytime spent back at the tent with Alfie on a long lead he spent the majority of the time barking at children playing, people talking, dogs barking. It was the same when we were sat outside the clubhouse having a drink, he’d bark at any new noise coming past.

Started to get me down quite a lot as there were loads of other dogs there (a lot of them a similar age) that I never heard bark and would just look like butter wouldn’t melt!

I’m not quite sure how to train him with this one as he doesn’t bark much at home (although does sometimes obviously). My OH is not keen to take him camping again because of it but I don’t want that as the spur of the moment camping weekend is great fun for the family and I want Alfie to be part of it too!

Any advice would be great. Thanks

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