Barking to go out

When Jacob came (he is definitely Jacob tonight 😉 ), he barked constantly. It was mainly for attention, so I taught him to give a paw when he wants a fuss, and that has mainly worked very well. The only thing we have allowed barking for is for him to go out to the toilet. When he came there were a good few accidents. That dwindled to hardly any. Then the child from hell visited a few months ago, and we went back a bit. The last month or so, there have been no accidents.

So…he barks to go out. He doesn’t differentiate going out to go to the toilet, with going out to faff around, dig the flower beds, sniff, gaze into space…etc. I have tried to let him out every time he asks, as I don’t want to confuse him, but he is driving me potty (lol) now. It’s getting too cold to stand in the garden for 10 minutes every half hour. He never "goes" straight away, so I have to hang on a while to see if anything is going to happen. I’ve always said "Do you want a wee?", and said "Good boy Jakie weeing" when he does. I’m not sure what to do now?

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