Ban For Puppy Neglect Couple

A Gravesend couple, who neglected four lurcher-type puppies to the extent that they were very thin and one was falling over and reluctant to walk, have been given a five year ban on keeping dogs.

Graham Gibbons, 34, and Fallon Poole, 29, of Oak Road in Gravesend pleaded guilty to charges of causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide a suitable diet and veterinary care for the puppies who were believed to be about 6-8 weeks old.

A vet who examined the white, fawn and blue colour puppies said they were all underweight, dull and depressed and the fawn male had a temperature, a swollen eye and was struggling to walk.

RSPCA inspector Vikki Dawe said: “The puppies were in a horrendous state, left outside with no veterinary care.

“They were not being given a suitable diet or shelter at a time when their systems were so vulnerable.”

Gibbons and Poole were both given a five year ban on keeping dogs and they were each fined £500. Gibbons was ordered to do 150 hours community service and Poole was tagged and given a three-month curfew.

Dartford Magistrates court also ordered the seizure of the mother dog.

The puppies have all been found good new homes.

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