Bah! Humbug!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This year Santa’s bought me…

…a trip to the emergency vet to get my dog stitched up. 🙁

Winston had surgery about three weeks back which left him with a huge scar on his flank which chose midnight on Christmas Eve as the most appropriate time to bust open. Vets at 1.00am for a clean up and a buster collar, going back in half an hour for stitching.

Bit of a boogger because the OH’s gone to her family so I’m on my own which means I’ll have to crate fosterboy, Duke, as he’s a destruction derby when unsupervised and poor fostergirl, Saffy, is going to be stuck on her own in the lounge without company for the day as she can’t be mixed and I’ll need to watch over Winston when we get back.

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