Back From the Dead: 12″ Fudge Recovers from Horrific Dog Attack

Despite a broken neck, 12” Miniature Pinscher Fudge makes full recovery from horror dog attack

Pint-sized dog, Fudge, from Bradford, has defied the odds to walk again after a horrific dog attack left him fighting for life with a broken neck. Vets at PDSA, whose care and dedication helped him back to fitness, say they are amazed by the speed and extent of his recovery.

The cute seven-year-old Miniature Pinscher, who stands just 12-inches high, was rushed to Bradford PDSA PetAid hospital, The Jeanne Marchig Centre, in January after being attacked while out walking with owner, Derrick:

Fudge in his full body cast

“We were on our way home when a young lad with a huge dog walked past,” said Derrick. “My Fudge is a friendly little chap so he stopped just for a sniff, as dogs do. Without warning, the other dog grabbed Fudge by the throat and started shaking him around like a rag doll.

“It was a terrifying attack and, though we eventually separated the dogs, I honestly thought he was dead. His body was limp, there were wounds on his neck and he wasn’t making a sound. I rushed him straight to PDSA, fearing the worst.”

Fudge fighting fit after recovering from ordeal

At Bradford PetAid hospital, vets and nurses examined Fudge and, suspecting he had serious internal injuries, x-rayed him.

PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, John Taylor, said: “The x-rays showed he had a broken neck, his second vertebra. The prognosis for such injuries isn’t good.

“His extensive injuries meant Fudge was unable to stand or use his front legs. The odds of him walking again were certainly stacked against him, but we weren’t going to give up easily.”

The veterinary team stitched up Fudge’s wounds and placed the tiny dog in a full body cast to hold his broken bones in place. In order to be effective, the cast had to immobilise his head and neck while allowing enough movement for him to breathe.

Fudge then spent nearly four weeks at PDSA, having two further casts fitted as he healed.

John continued: “Fudge wasn’t able to walk or stand up in his cast so he needed extensive nursing care. He received physiotherapy and massages every day to get his legs working again.“

Veterinary Nurse, Pauline Wilson, comments: “Fudge was with us for so long he became a big part of daily life at PDSA. The staff brought him toys and gave him lots of attention to stop him missing home too much.”

The day after having his cast removed Fudge was allowed to return home to Derrick. Despite his terrible ordeal, the plucky pet is back on all four paws and hasn’t let it stop him enjoying himself. Derrick still takes him for his daily walks, where he enjoys running around the park and chasing his toys.

“I was so worried about him after his ordeal, every time PDSA called to update me I feared it could be bad news. But his recovery has been wonderful. I can’t praise PDSA enough. The staff treated him like one of their own, I’m eternally grateful,” says Derrick.

Bradford PDSA PetAid hospital provides free veterinary treatment to the sick and injured pets of owners in need. To be eligible for PDSA veterinary care, pet owners must be in receipt of either Housing Benefit or Council tax Benefit and live within postcode areas BD1-22, HX 1-3, LS 18-20, LS27-28 and WF12-17.

For more information about PDSA PetAid services call freephone 0800 731 2502 or log onto

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Back From the Dead: 12″ Fudge Recovers from Horrific Dog Attack

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