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Australia to Launch Online Dog Attack Register

Following another high profile dog attack in Australia, the government has announced it will launch a web-based register of dog attacks that will enable councils to directly submit details of dog attacks to the department of local government.

You can read more about the latest initiative here.
Interestingly, the report contains a quote from Wayne Asplet, described by the newspaper as ‘a veteran animal controller’. Mr Aplet seems in little doubt where the problem with dog attacks lies. He says:
“What the smarties do is they just go in to have it microchipped by a vet and they only mention the non-banned breed; they don’t say it’s part pit bull or whatever the banned breed is and no one says anything,”

However, president of the Australian Veterinary Association, Mark Lawrie, disagrees that breed bans are the answer at all.
“Laws are a blunt instrument and education of owners and children is more likely to get [...]

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