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Are Dog Breeders Evil Villains?

Well, are they?

Over the past few months (OK, since the airing of Pedigree Dogs Exposed) debate has raged about the role dog breeders have played in creating a mess of some much loved, but sadly debilitated dog breeds.
There have been accusations of broad brush labelling of all breeders and many have felt personally slighted by the vitriol born of shock expressed by many viewers of Jemima Harrison’s documentary.
So, we must ask: are dog breeders all evil villains?
At the risk of over simplifying, no. No, all breeders are not evil villains.
But what we do have a duty to do is to ensure the public is aware of this. To ensure the dog buying public understands what is and what isn’t a responsible supplier of dogs - be it a breeder or a rescue.
“A rescue? Surely they’re ALL responsible?” I hear you ponder.
Well no. Let’s not kid ourselves on that front either. [...]

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