Anyone want to buy a blue roan cocker skin rug?

In the last week there’ve been two occasions when I’ve nearly tied Chloe to the nearest lamp-post and walked off. But we’re in recession, so I decided it’d be more economically savvy to turn her into a rug and sell it. Any bids?

It’s a shame, because we worked out most of our earlier disagreements about how she should behave (all my fault, of course – she was hungry apparently, even though she wasn’t skinny), but she’s driving me mad. We’re working on walking without pulling on the lead, and I swear, her plan in life is to make me look like an idiot. We tried two no-pull harnesses, and they don’t work. I have been stopping whenever there’s any tension on the lead, and not starting walking again until she moves back towards me. Result? It’s just taken 1/2 an hour to go five minutes to the field. I look so daft standing there with her bouncing round pulling manically (while barking manically, to ensure everyone’s attention). I tried the peanut-butter-on-a-wooden-spoon trick, and this dog, who is so majorly food motivated in all other circumstances and loves peanut butter, completely ignored it, leaving me looking like a muppet trying to get her attention with a wooden spoon while she does the aforementioned dancing around at the end of the lead barking.

So… bids are invited. I can leave the ears on, if you want, they’re lovely long ears. It’ll be a pretty light blue roan colour, go with any room’s colour scheme.

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