Anyone help please….

Sisky has been whimpering all night, she went out for her last walk at 10ish did a good poo, seemed happy to be out etc, walked fine and briskly.

Since we’ve been in though she seems to be having some difficulty in moving, she’s walking in circles and then plumping herself very heavily and fast into a sit, she seems to be favouring her right hand side, and is giving out high pitch squeels, she’s also arch backed.

Her stomach seems to be fine, not bloated… She’s not fallen or played overly roughly with Benny….

OH has just taken her out for a walk, she seems to want to keep moving, she’s very unsettled.

Has anyone got any suggestions? I’m in two minds as to whether to take her to the emergency vets service or not! She’s so not herself 🙁

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