Any ideas?

Skye is 11 yrs 8 mths and was spayed at the age of 6 months. Over the past couple of months or so she has become very interesting to male dogs, and the past couple of weeks it’s been getting worse. It’s almost like walking a bitch in heat in the park. At home, even Pip occasionally follows her around the flat with her nose stuck up Skye’s bum.

Obviously she is giving off some very interesting smell from her nether regions. At first I was just curious, but I’m beginning to get worried now in case it is some illness such as cancer that is causing the scent 🙁

Today she has been hassled by 3 male dogs and one of them is a dog that we have passed for years in the park – the owner is now having to put him on the lead to get him away from Skye any time we pass them. This dog never used to even look at Skye – now he’s obsessed with her (at least with her bum) and he’s not the only one.

Is this something I should be getting checked out, and if so what should be getting checked – tests, x-rays or what :confused:

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