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Animal Welfare Charities Benefit to the Tune of £4.4m

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Registered as a charity on the 8th February 1994, the Petplan Charitable Trust was established by Petplan's founder Patsy Bloom and David Simpson.  As a separate entity and wider part of the Petplan, the UK
's largest pet insurer. The Trust is funded through a unique fundraising whereby each Petplan client is invited to add £1.50 to their annual pet insurance premium by way of an optional charitable donation.

The Trust concentrates on granting awards that will help the health, general welfare and wellbeing of dogs, cats, horses and rabbits Petplan itself then donates a further £50,000 annually.

The Petplan Charitable Trust has made grants of over £4.4 million since it was established in 1994 to help make a difference to the health and welfare of our animals – the money is divided into 4 main channels, Welfare, Scientific, Capital and Educational Grants. 

  • Welfare Grants enable organisations with charitable status to provide good facilities for the animals in their care and so far PCT has donated close to £1million to over 100 charities and organisations.  The PCT for example gave money to   The Blue Cross to help them launch a community vet nurse service

·          Scientific Grants - Over £2.25 million has also been donated to enable veterinary advancement.  Funding has been given to studies in to such common diseases as arthritis in the dog and feline hypertension as well as developments in treatment for cancers for our animals and other clinical studies carried out in veterinary schools and the Animal Health Trust. The Trust tries to favour studies that will potentially help the vet in practice be able to treat and care for animals better.

The Trust has a strict ethics policy supporting only clinical and non-invasive studies.

  • Capital Grants - Over £1 m since the start of the PCT, has gone towards Capital Grants that contribute towards veterinary schools in need of facilities.  In particular, the Trust has helped to fund a new wing at the Royal
    Veterinary College and a new cancer-counselling room at the Cambridge Veterinary School

  • Educational Grants are given to welfare organisations in order to raise awareness to caring for animals within these communities.  For example a significant amount of money has been given to Friends of Bristol Horses for an educational video in the new visitors centre

Says David Simpson, the Chair of the Trustees " The Petplan Charitable Trust has been able to make a real difference, through the generosity of its donors, in the health and welfare of our nation's pets. Whilst great advancements have been made in veterinary medicine in the last two decades there is always a need for greater knowledge. There a still 100,000 stray dogs reported each year in the UK highlighting that welfare charities, despite all the wonderful; work they do, still need help and support. Our unique source of donations allows us to concentrate all our efforts in distributing the money we receive where it makes a difference and is most effective. The Petplan policyholders can rightfully be very proud of the contribution they have and continue to make in these important areas."

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