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Animal Rescue Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Stop Puppy Farming

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Dover based charity, Chancepixies Animal Welfare, has launched a social media campaign with the aim of raising £30,000 to help stop Puppy Farming in England & Wales.

Husband and wife team, David and Heidi Anderson have run Chancepixies Animal Welfare since 2004, rescuing and rehoming thousands of dogs. But they say, despite their efforts and those of hundreds of other rescue organisations, the numbers of stray and unwanted dogs shows no sign of slowing down, with over 126,000* dogs being taken in as strays by local councils last year. They believe that this is all due to irresponsible breeding - the most obvious form of this is most commonly known as Puppy Farming.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 every animal in England and Wales is given the right to have a suitable environment, to exhibit normal behaviour and to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease. The Andersons say that puppy farms are in severe breach of these laws and should not be licensed.

“We need to approach the issue in a completely different way” says Heidi “The key is prevention. But up until now, we’ve all been focusing our efforts on the effects. We need to stamp out puppy farming once and for all. We should be focusing on the Local Authorities who allow and license puppy farming. We need to be making them aware of the legislation that they are permitting, and abetting, these establishments to break. By doing this we can encourage them in the action they need to take in order to put these tragic situations right.”

Find out more about the charities campaign here:

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