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An Examination: The Self-Awareness of Dinoasaurs

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I wonder if the dinosaurs had any notion that they were about to become a footnote in the history of the world?
Self awareness is probably not something that dinosaurs had in abundance.
They got up, went off to do dinosaur things and then went to bed on a full dinosaur stomach.

They probably lived each day exactly the same as the last. Doing dinosaur things with their dinosaur buddies day in day out, unchallenged and totally unaware that they’d had their day, that their future was, well, pretty much non existent! Their goose was cooked, they - blissfully - probably didn’t know it and proceeded to just go about doing what they’d always done. Aww. Bless.

They could have had no concept that underlying changes had been rumbling for a while. They were oblivious to the impending one-way trip they were about to make, destination: oblivion.
They probably spent no time on self reflection, [...]

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