American Kennel Club Implicated in Trade in Puppy Farms

Pet store chain accused of selling sick puppies.

Petland Inc, a pet chain store in the USA has been accused by an animal protection group of scheming to sell sick puppies to unsuspecting buyers.

The Associated Press have reported how puppies have been bred in puppy mills in terrible conditions. Investigators for the Humane Society have said that puppies were ”living in filthy, barren cages reeking of urine, with inadequate care and socialisation”.

It is reported that Petland have intentionally mislead its customers into believing the puppies came from reputable breeders and were of good health.

A lawsuit was filed on Monday by attorneys representing members of the Humane Society of the United States and pet owners who claim they were sold sick puppies. The lawsuit seeks class action status and challenges the companies’ conduct under the federal racketeering stature and under consumer protection laws of 20 states. They are seeking changes in how the puppies are bred and financial damages to recover veterinary costs.

The American Kennel Club had agreed to do business with Petland by registering the puppies sold by the store. But back in 06 after a flurry of objections and protests, the US’ largest pedigree dog registry agreed to call an immediate halt to the deal.

The Associated Press have reported how Petland, who have 61 stores, said they were outraged and disappointed by what it called false accusations.

They said “We only offer healthy, happy and well-socialised pets to our customers…we would do everything possible to ensure that we provide healthy puppies.”

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

American Kennel Club Implicated in Trade in Puppy Farms

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