Amber’s scared of big dogs after attack…

On Monday, my Dad took Amber on the park behind our house. All was fine until an Akita pup (though quite big aparrently) came over to check Amber out. Now some of you may know that Amber isn’t really bothered about other dogs, preferring to stay with us on walks.
On this occasion, she was on her lead when the pup had a go at Amber, whether playfully or not, I don’t know but this started Amber squealing! Mum heard it from the house!! She got nipped on the back of her leg by the pup which bled slightly but is ok now. Because of that, she slipped her collar (my fault, didn’t tighten it enough after her last bath) and ran out of the park.
Mum then heard her barking and opened the front door, Amber shot in the house and into the frontroom window.
My Dad did try to run after her but he is on heart meds and got out of breath in a few meters. The owner of the Akita was very apologetic and came round later to see if Amber and my Dad were ok.
However, now it seems Amber is freaking out at just the sight of a large dog, stopping and not moving or as was the case this morning, pulling my Dad all the way home.
My Dad is thinking about letting her meet his mates Rotties who is a big gentle giant and very good with people and other dogs, but i’m not so sure.
Should we force the issue and risk Amber hurting another dog, person or herself or should we just leave her be and just accept the fact that we need to keep her away from big dogs in the future?
The attack in itself wasn’t a bad one but it has obviously scared Amber.
What is the best thing to do?

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