Am I over sensitive?

We had a lovely time at a local country park yesterday, the sun came out and so did half the population of Hampshire it seemed, πŸ™‚
Jennie’s pretty much the perfect dog at the country parks, if she barks at all it’s because we’re not throwing her ball fast enough, lol. So relaxing, bliss.
There were all kinds of dogs having fun in their own way. Some old ploddy dogs, and a fair few high energy dogs, but all with waggy tails! A perfect afternoon.
And all the dog-owners enjoyed it as well.
Then my day was almost spoiled by seeing one very lively and excited dog running full pelt towards its owner, with a branch in its mouth. Well, more like a small tree really! Between the dog and its man was a little group of trees, planted very close together, there was no way the dog with 4 feet of branch either side of its mouth would get to his man without a horrible accident happening. The poor guy nearly had a heart attack when he saw his loony dog hurtling towards him and dived forwards to avert the accident and thank goodness he managed to save the day!
Then he held onto one end of the branch, the dog’s still holding on to it and the guy swung the branch+dog round in circles, waist high, both man and dog making growly noises. I really didn’t like that, the poor dog was soooo hyped up and the guy stuck his chest out, looking pleased with himself πŸ™
Still, the surrounding area was quickly cleared of everyone so the silly man lost his audience! So was I right in feeling a bit uncomfortable with the guy swinging his (not unwilling) dog around?

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