Alfie’s Story: A Brave Dog Who Battled Back

Although Alfie is just 9 months old, his story is already a long and amazing one.
Alfie is a Golden Retriever, born on 15th March 2008, one of a litter of 13 puppies. He reached 8 weeks and went off to a new family just like his littermates.
But Alfie was different.

He was small and sickly. A trip to the vets discovered that Alfie had a heart condition, and he was referred to the University of Liverpool’s Small Animal Cardiology Department. Here it was found that Alfie had a very complicated condition, one that require further investigation and maybe even surgery.
The estimated cost to treat Alfie was around £3000. His new owner and breeder tried to think of a way to find the necessary money, but it looked hopeless. His owner decided to advertise Alfie on the Internet, and that’s where I came in.
I first saw Alfie is a blurry photo on […]

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