African Grey Parrot Wild

Okay this may seem a bit mad BUT…walking the dog near us I have heard some birds that to me sound like Aussie magpies calling…bit like the clangers if anyone is old enough to remember them.

Soooo I sat next to the church and watched for a bit and saw this large stubby bird, which I thought was an owl flapping across the fields making the sound. Hmmm not a magpie then. The flap was to fast and short to be an owl and in daylight. So I watched a bit longer and a pair flew past grey with striking red tails!!! Then one landed in the tree above me and lo and behold it was a parrot!!!

Now I know there are smaller green parrots living free in london, used to watch the lil flocks around the Thames but these are big birds!!

Any birders out there heard of this in the UK?
Or has some idiot let their greys out this year and they’re in for a rough ride over winter? If so I’ll contact the RSPCA and get them to look into it.

If theyre capable of sustaining a wild colony here then meh! I’ll leave them to get on with it!!

Ideas anyone?

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