Acme Pet Portraits: A New Way to Immortalise Your Pet

Acme Pet Portraits, a new and unique twist to pet portraits launches in UK.

Acme Pet Portraits is a new take on pet portrait creation, enabling pet owners to have their beloved animals brought to life via the finest artists, experienced in creating pet portraits.

Unique and interesting pet portraits make great focal points, immortalising much-loved pets and now a new UK service offers pet owners a chance to choose their favourite style and art direction when getting a fine art print created of their favourite companions.

There is a growing trend in the popularity of art featuring animals, particularly pets, so it's now even viable for high quality pet portraits to increase in value over time – particularly pet portraits done by renowned and well respected animal artists.

Speaking about the service, Pet Business Link's Charles Vincent says:

"We've seen a huge increase in the number of pet owners seeking fine depictions of their animals in print and on canvas. What Acme Pet Portraits has done is create a boutique service that enables pet owners to select a style and even the particular artist who will create their pet's portrait. This is something very different and exciting in the market place."

Instead of one artist and one style, Acme's pet portraits are created by a professional selected from a panel of professional artists so customers can actually select the distinct style that they'd like to see your pet committed to canvas in.

Acme Pet Portraits Do it Differently

Due to Acme Pet Portraits contacts with some of the world's finest pet portrait artists, they can get the best artists at the very best rates. A real benefit to customers!

Find out more, visit Acme Pet Portraits web page.

Acme Pet Portraits has benefited from the marketing support of The Pet Business Link, a co-operative venture with K9 Media Ltd.

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