a year today since i lost my babygirl

first of all a big sorry to everyone that i havent been on for ages. i just find it so painful.

it was a year ago today since i said goodbye to my babygirl angel.
i cant beleive it has gone so quickly and i feel so guilty that life continues without my baby.
i have never known such pain since i lost her, but then i have never known such love than the love we had for eachother.
she was my life, my love, my angel, a dog in a million.
i miss you every day my darling girl & would give anything to hold you again. but i remeber you with love & i shared the best times of my life with you, yet you were always there to support me in the hard times.
i was truly blessed to have you in my life, you were sent to me for a reason. we battled so much together you and I, yet you were always my inspiration. the boys loved you too my darling, i hope you still watch them, i think they are a credit to you.
you waited until Harry was trained to your high standrads before you entrusted him to my care.
me & callum miss you every day, he is my angel on earth now, he keeps me going & harry keeps me smiling. i think you would be proud of them, Harry runs with the collie crew now- carrying on your legacy, but he isnt half as quick as his beautiful big sister.
i wish i could just see you again & tell you how much i love you, but i know you are running free, no pain or disability. i bet you have met up with all your old boyfreinds at the bridge and are having a whale of a time tarting & bossing the youngsters about.
i love you more than you will ever know my angel and thankyou for all you have taught me, my soulmate has gone from this earth, but i know you are waiting for me.
i love you princess Clara, my beautiful angel, claraclogs.
till we meet again.
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