A Studbook: A Clarification for the Uneducated

It appears that there has been some discussion about what is and what is not ‘a studbook’ following its use in the recently published RSPCA backed report in to pedigree dog health.

Sadly, as we have come to expect, rather than discuss the serious findings of that most worthy study which comprehensively vindicates the content and message of Pedigree Dogs Exposed, some straw-grabbers have instead opted to focus on what (they think) a studbook is.

So here it is – hopefully they can learn something today:

stud·book  (stdbk)
A book registering the pedigrees of thoroughbred animals, especially horses. [source]


A book registering the pedigrees of thoroughbred animals, especially horses. [source]

The Collins English Dictionary defines studbook as: “written record of the pedigree of a purebred stock, esp. of racehorses”.

studbook definition

stud·book (stud′bo̵ok′)


a register of purebred animals, esp. racehorses [source]

So, having RAMMED the point home as to what a studbook is, perhaps those desperate enough to attempt to derail the debate and progress being made on the issue of pedigree health, they might now learn to educate themselves prior to making claims which don’t stand up to scrutiny.

The RSPCA backed pedigree dogs report has set the tone and platform for a way forward. From this point on there will be two types of dog breeder:

Those who want better health for pedigree dogs and can learn to accept how and why dogs have gotten in to the mess they currently find themselves. These people exist today and have done well before Pedigree Dogs Exposed revealed to the public what was an open secret amongst dog communities – these people merit reward and recognition.

And those who don’t. Who would prefer to do it as they always have, who think they know ‘best’ (but don’t) and who leave a trail of diseased, disabled and debilitated dogs behind them. They should be exposed to the public for the damage they have caused.

We’re at a fork in the road. Fortunately, most right minded people are starting to see the light and understand what needs to be done to help dogs out of the hole they find themselves in. With caring, educated, compassionate people on their side dogs will have a brighter future but we shouldn’t forget that they are still needing a sustained push out of the darkness of the outdated practices which still, sadly, exist even today.

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

A Studbook: A Clarification for the Uneducated

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