A magical morning

When we woke this morning it was a beautiful morning. The Snow was still laying from yesterday and the sun was just coming up.

We have a route that we walk which circles a valley in the heart of the South Downs and remote enough that few people ever use it. I had a feeling it would be a great walk this morning so we went up there.

The scenery was truly magical and we had a brilliant walk, with the dogs rolling in the snow and running through the woods at the side of the path.

As we reached the top of the path and turned to head down the hill, we stopped to admire the view. The dogs were in the snow having a roll and generally enjoying themselves and OH and I stood surveying the white carpeted scenery along the valley. I became aware of a movement in the hedgerow to my left and slowly turned to see a Robin sat there, fluffed up against the cold. As I watched him, he looked up bobbed his head and flew into the air – but instead of flying off, he flew across and landed ON MY SHOULDER! He just stood there looking incredibly pleased with himself 😀

HE sat there for probably 20 or 30 seconds before flying down onto the toe of my welly and then hopping back to the hedgerow..

THings like that make me so glad that I have my dogs because without them I wouldn’t be out there and magical moments like that would never happen :thumbup:

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